A cat who likes to swim; Van Cat from Turkey


Lake Van region of Eastern part of Turkey has an interesting bred of domestic cat family. Chalky white coated, blue or amber or both colored eyes (one is blue one is amber), strong and bony body structured Van cats are one of the most beautiful cat bred one could see. Moreover these cats are a bit different by their capacity to swim and their love for water.

When you think about other felines it is pretty amazing to see them how they play with water. Some of the odd-eyed ones have a high possibility of being deaf. Especially if you are a cat owner in a big city, having a deaf pet is an advantage. They would be so peaceful even if the outside is very loud with traffic or they wouldn’t mind if you start your spring cleaning with vacuum cleaner. The cat owners would know how much they hate that. Or instead of ‘cat who likes to swim’ should I say ‘cat who doesn’t mind vacuum cleaner’ to make this blog writing more striking?

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