A handsome Turkish dog; Sivas Kangal


Sivas kangal is a special type guardian dog as it is easy to understand from the name from Sivas region of Turkey. This breed is great life saver of shepherds, protects the flock against bear, wolf or jackal attack. As well as being so courageous, they are also very handsome with their light caramel coat and black mask. In Turkey, it is said that Kangals are one of the most intelligent and strongest dog breed. They are very well-known by being loyal, gentle with small children and protective. So they are also started to be adopted by families as guard dog, not only in the big farms with flocks. In the big cities it is hard to have a dog in this size in a small apartment, however I guess every Turkish family has this dream about moving to a small fishing village and having a Kangal waiting in front of their house.

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