A line in front of a column; make a wish column in Hagia Sophia

51Hagia Sophia130328IMG_0451While you are wandering in the Hagia Sophia, you have a high chance to see a stone column with a tiny hole on it, and people are waiting in the line just in front of it. They are here to put their thumb in hole and spin a circle to be able to make their wishes. But where this is coming from? Why it is so popular and it is on your must-do list. (It is not? Then it should be. While Aladdin’s gene gives you 3 wishes, a column gives you one. Not good enough?) There are a lot of legends about this column and the hole in it. I am going to tell you the most popular one. You know Turks conquered Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1453. That time the tradition was turning into mosque the biggest church of the city. So they did, by adding the minarets and gently covering the icon mosaics. (Today most of them are revealed, you may see them when you visit Hagia Sophia Museum) However the churches build towards east, but the mosques should be built towards Mecca which is south east from Istanbul. So a righteous servant of God, mystical figure in Islamic mitology Khidr (Hıdırellez) comes to stick his thumb into this column and turn Hagia Sophia direction towards Mecca. But before he does that, he was seen by people and he had to disappear. So according to that legend the hole is left by him and he is well-known for giving a help hand to good people. So people make their wish and hope Khidr to help them come true.

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