Anzac Day – April 24-25 in Gallipoli Turkey

The countdown has begun and by mid-April, many tourists will have started their journey to the shores of Turkey, albeit in a vastly different way to the war heroes they are here to commemorate. It’s that time of year again when antipodeans all over the world come to pay their respects at Gallipoli for the much celebrated Anzac Day. Held on the 25th of April, this year marks the 95th anniversary since the tragic miscalculated landing on Anzac Cove that cost the lives of many Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Every year, thousands attend the dawn service to honour their countrymen, or in many cases, their ancestors who fought in the Gallipoli Campaign. Commissioned by Winston Churchill, many of the Allied side, including Brits, French, Indians and ANZAC’s, lost their lives as they fought an uphill battle against a shower of bullets and shrapnel; the prized goals being the hilltop barracks of Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair, where the Australian and New Zealand memorials (respectively) are located to this day. After months of fighting, the loss of their advantageous positions led them to retreat; their attempt to control the Dardenelles in hope of securing the only sea route to Russia and conquering Istanbul was abandoned. Being the first major battle undertaken by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, itis one of the most important commemoration days for military casualties and war veterans.

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