Cheapest meal in Turkey. Simit, wanna try?

Do you know how to have the most reasonable meal in Turkey?
You may try Simit!
These are sesame encrusted circular bread you may see them selling in patisseries, pushcarts or huge trays carried on sellers head. If you pass in front of a bakery early in the morning, you may ask what’s this mesmerizing smell; the smell of baked sesame with molasses.
Turkish people usually eat it for breakfast by putting cheese in it, along with hot black tea.

For the first time in history, Simit was prepared as palace bread during the reign of Sultan Suleiman and by the years only prosperous families started to have it baked in their house like bread.

It is funny how palace bread became the cheapest meal of our days. Well, take the advantage of feeling like a sultan in the cheapest and most delicious way.

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