Chilly pepper for your mother in law! Spice Market in Istanbul

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Spice Market is one of the largest and nicest bazaars in Istanbul; it is full of colors, smells, spices, herbs, different types of teas, feels so exotic to stroll around.

If you stop by on a shop to buy something there is a high chance you may see the chilly jars tagged as ‘hot chilly’, ‘very hot chilly’ and ‘hot chilly for your mother in law’.

The question may pop up in your mind; why you want to give that super hot chilly to your mother in law while she was your sweetheart’s beloved mommy. In the old days, when girls got married in countryside of Anatolia they had to live with their husbands parents. Usually father in law was out with the son, working and making the living. Instead the bride had to spend all day with mother in law who generally criticize and didn’t have any intention to like anything that bride did. This is the beginning of the mobbing history, believe me. So since the bridges couldn’t show their anger directly to the mother, they used to prepare some funny conspiracies like putting super hot chilly on their food, pouring boiling water while they are showering or hiding food brought by son or eating them all before she sees them. So our fight with obesity has begun with separating houses of parents and the new married couples.
Of course this is a stereotype. I don’t say there were no loving, caring and tender mothers in law at that time. (Like me in the future, blink blink!) But if you see that chilly jar, now you know why it is the reason. What? you want to get it as a gift for your boss, why not? Go for it!

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