Climate of Turkey

What you should bring with as clothes while you prepare up for your holiday to Turkey?

Although every region can be hot during summer time, innerland, north and east part of the counrty can be very cold during winter and nights in summers.

Turkey has 7 geographical regions: Black Sea Region on the north has oceanical climate, rainy all over the year, humid and hot in summers and snowy and cold in winters.

Marmara Region has a tender climate in springs and autumn but cold and windy in winters; hot and humid in summers.

Agean Region has mediterranian climate, hot and dry in summers; rainy and warm in winters.

Mediterranian Region is warmer in winters according to Agean regions and rainy in spring time.

Southeastern Region has more or less mediterranian climate but colder in winters.

Eastern Region and Anatolian Region have continental climate, very cold and snowy in winters and very hot and dry in summers.

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