Daughters of Sultans

sultan kızları

We hear so many things about Ottoman Sultans, crown princes and Harem, but there are very few things said and written about Sultan’s daughters. Not that they were ignored, only they didn’t have an adventurous life as much as their fathers and brothers. However some historians argue that daughters of the Sultans had the most peaceful people in the palace life. They didn’t have to fight about the throne, simply because they didn’t have any chance to take it. They were nicely taken care, when it was the time they were getting married with someone important in the government, chosen by their father. Even though the polygamy was quite common in Ottoman times, the husbands of the Sultan’s daughters were supposed to accept being monogamous by marrying her, plus he didn’t have right to divorce, only she could divorce him. In Istanbul coast, it is possible to see some nice ‘petite’ palaces built for Sultan’s daughters.

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