Desert of Noah’s ark; Aşure, Ashure


While I leave the story of Noah ark and the legends about the ark in Mount Ararat to one of my next blog writings, today I would like to talk about one traditional Turkish pudding desert; Aşure (A-shuu-re read in English).

Every year in the month of Muharram according to Islamic calendar (especially 10th of that particular month) the huge pots will come out and put on fire to boil mixture of grains, fruits and nuts. It is believed that there should be at least 7 ingredients, wheat, rice, chick peas, dried fruit, beans and nuts are the very common ones.

As it is said in Noah’s ark story, when Noah could come to rest on Mount Ararat, they put all the ingredients they have into one big pot after boiling, Aşure came out and it became their celebration desert.

Once Aşure is cooked, it is nicely decorated with nuts, walnuts, cinnamon and as the tradition people deliver hot bowls of this pudding to neighbors and other family members.

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