Do you juice pomegranate in Turkey? Yes, we do.

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The pomegranate juice sellers are almost in every corner when you walk around the bazaars and streets of the country on a hot summer day. It might be quite shocking for some people, I know in some countries it is extremely expensive so if you have one, definitely you don’t want to juice it. However since Turkey is a semi-agricultural country it is not as expensive as you think. As well as pomegranates Turkey is one of the most important producers of hazelnuts, cherries, figs, apricots, quinces. So sellers juice it and we drink it in a hot summer day as a freshener. There are also many juice bars recently opened where you can choose which fruits you want in your drink. I would suggest you to think of antioxidant effect of this fruit, so it is a good opportunity to try the juice version even if it is a bit sour.

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