Famous Love Stories of Istanbul; Architect Sinan and Mihrimah Sultan, City of Love part V

There are many legends about the love of Architect Sinan and daughter of Sultan Suleiman; Mihrimah. Leaving a side the historical debates claiming if that is a real or not, here I would like to write about Sinan’s desperate love for Mihrimah Sultan and stunning mosques built by him for her name.

When daughter of Sultan Suleiman; Mihrimah arrived to age of seventeen , two people wanted to marry her. One of the candidate was Diyarbakır Governer Rustempasha and the other was famous architect Sinan. Sultan chooses Rustempasha over Sinan, because Sinan was already married and he was at the age of fifty. However he was desperately in love with Mihrimah.

When he started to built 2 Mihrimah Mosques in Istanbul, he reflected his love to these magnificent buildings. Mihrimah is a name joint together the words Mihran and Mah which means sun and moon in Persian.

These two mosques still stand in Uskudar and Edirnekapı towns of the city. On Mihrimah Sultan’s birthday 21 March, if you observe from a spot where you can see both of the mosques, you can see the sun goes down over Edirnekapı Mihrimah Sultan Mosque and moon rises on Uskudar Mihrimah Sultan Mosque. Just like her name, Mihrü mah, sun and the moon together.

Great works of art and great calculations by Sinan dedicated to love. Isn’t it impressive?

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