Famous Love Stories of Istanbul; Hero and Leander, City of Love part IV

hero and leander
I have written a blog about this beautiful tower lying on a small islet at the exit of the Bosphorus strait. (You can check the blog about Leander’s Tower here; https://www.choratravel.com/legend-of-kiz-kulesi-leanders-tower-the-maidens-tower)

While in my previous blog I wrote about the father and daughter story about the tower, I did not mention about the love story because it has a sad ending. Here it is another love story pops in mind when you talk about love in Istanbul, the love of Hero and Leander.
Hero was a nun of Aphrodite and young man from other side of the sea (Leander) fell in love with her. He was swimming to this tower standing in the middle of the sea every night to see his lover. To make the swimming easier and show the way, Hero was lighting a lamp so he could look at this light to orientate his direction. However one night the lamp was blown out by the storm and Leander could not see where the tower was. They say it was because of the curse, a nun of Aphrodite was not supposed to make love to anybody. So Leander lost his way and sadly he was drowned. The next morning waves brought corpse of Leander to the tower when Hero saw it, she threw herself from the tower and died. (very sad and grumpy face)

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