Famous Love Stories of Istanbul; Sultan Suleiman and Hurrem Sultan,City of Love part III

Sultan Suleiman –also known as Suleiman the Magnificent- is well-known sultan as being the conqueror of Belgrade, Rhodes and for being the first Ottoman ruler who besieged Vienna. Here I won’t be telling his political and military success, I want to write about their love story with Hurrem.

The historians argue that if Hurrem is originally from Poland or Ukraine. However there is a consensus about it, claiming she is an Ukrainian girl with her original name Roxelana. She was brought to Constantinople as a slave, bought by harem and rising through the ranks finally became Suleiman’s favorite and wife.

Also she broke the 200 years Ottoman tradition and became the legal wife of Sultan. That time, the girls in the Harem were able to get different rankings as Gözde (the Favorite), Ikbal (the Fortunate), Kadın (the Woman/Wife) and Valide Sultan (Queen mother). But these girls were not married to Sultan, even though they have ranking, they would still be members of Harem. Hurrem Sultan became an exception so she was exempted from the rules that are applied to Harem girls, this also caused lots of conflicts in daily palace life.
There was Tv series in Turkey, telling this story of Suleiman and Hurrem with all the intrigues it almost knocked out Dallas. Anyways leaving a side the intrigues, here I would like to share love poem written by Suleiman with nickname as Muhibbi for Hurrem Sultan;

My resident of solitude, my everything, my beloved, my shining moon
My friend, my privacy, my everything, my shah of beautifuls, my sultan

My life, my existance, my lifetime, my wine of youngness, my heaven
My spring, my joy, my day, my beloved, my laughing rose.

My plant, my sugar, my treasure, my delicate in world
My saint, my Joseph, my everything, my Khan of my heart´s Egypt.

My Istanbul, My Karaman, my land of Rum
My Bedehşan, my Kıpchak, my Bagdad, my Horosan

My long-haired, my bow like eyebrow, my eye full of discord, my patient
My blood is on your hands if I die, mercy o my non-Muslim

I am a flatterer near your door, I always praise you
Heart is full of sorrow, eye is full of tears, I am Muhibbi and I am happy.

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