Free things to do in Istanbul II

After you finish the free things around Old City center on my previous blog, these are other sights to see as a bit further than the first 5. Let’s go!


6)      Galata Brigde: In Istanbul there are few bridges that you can walk on and has a nice atmosphere like here. The Golden Horn divides the city into two as new city and Old city, the Galata bridge connects them. Here also you can see the fisher men as they are also one of the symbol of the city

7)      Greek Orthodox Patriarch Church: The principal church is waiting for you to discover its stunning mosaics from 1600s. It is located in Fener district of Istanbul, on the Golden Horn coast.

8)      Spice Market: This is one of the most colorful spot of the city. Herbs, teas, nuts, spices in 400 years old bazaar.

9)      Tombs of Sultans: As it is one of the tradition in our culture, people used to visit the tombs of Sultans for religious reasons. The buildings are also from Ottoman period with a nice architecture and give nice examples of Turkish culture.

10)  Ataturk Museum: Ataturk used to stay in this c house while he was starting the independence war. Here you can learn about the birth of Turkish state-nation as well as the great founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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