Frescoes in Cappadocian Churches

Never exclude Cappadocia region during your travel in Turkey where you can visit early christian churches which were richly decorated dating back to 6th to 12th centuries.

Where you can find the most well preserved wall paintings? In ”Goreme Open Air Museum” situated 1 km away from Goreme town, protected by UNESCO apart from 1989.

Well preserved up to today thank to pigeon eggs, wall paintings have natural colors and tell us about cristian religion and the history witnessing all ceremonies of monks educating new generations.

On the way down, out of the museum you will see ”Tokalı Church”where you will find whole chronology of christianity starting from birth of Jesus Chris continues with his miracles and includes local histories and saints of Cappadocia.

Enjoy frescoes on your Cappadocia tours 



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