Have you ever been in a shopping mall with 4000 shops? Grandbazaar of Istanbul

This might sound like a great retail therapy for those who shop till they drop. Strolling around the world’s biggest and the oldest shopping mall, the Grand Bazaar, is one of the unique experiences one can have in Istanbul.

Passing through the smallest alleys, feeling the smell of centuries old shops, cafes, stores, antiquarians.

Pretty much everything is available from carpets, jewelry, scarfs, leather goods, ceramics, food, purses, wallets etc. The thing which is mandatory is bargaining; best haggler gets the best dial!
If you get shopped out, you may stop by to drink a cup of Turkish coffee in the small cafes. Don’t forget; your coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love. Also as it is said; a cup of Turkish coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. Make that day unforgettable by committing 40 years of friendship to your company in a 600 year old bazaar. Time stops here.

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