How to build six packs easily? Get baklava in Turkey!


Who wants six packs?

Summer is coming gentlemen, we are running out of time! You know it takes time, dedication and patience to build six pack abs. So as baklava. It is funny how the word ‘baklava’ refers both of these things in Turkish. One is the six pack abs you want to build and the other is the sweet pasty layers full of pistachios or walnuts held together with honey or syrup, taste like being in heaven right after you get the first bite. In Istanbul, they also organize trips to Baklava factory, to be able to show visitors how mastership it requires to prepare. Ottoman Sultans used to present trays of Baklava to soldiers during the month of Ramadan and for sure Imperial kitchens had witnessed all different kinds of baklava making. If you don’t have enough time to build six pack abs, try one of these boxes to steal heart of your crash.

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