How to get a cab in Istanbul?

If you are going to visit a big city like Istanbul you may have difficulties to find taxis/cabs or have a good communication. Most of the cab drives in the city do not speak any foreign language, here either you can use body language or you can ask someone to help you out to get each other. Also unfortunately there are drivers who take the advantage of that, in some cases they may try to charge you higher prices and do not work taximeters properly. On my next blog I am going to give you some tips how to handle them. However it is important to keep in the mind that the city is huge and some parts have traffic restrictions like Old city. In some cases they may have to take the longer route. But generally there are 10 small things to do if you are planning to use a cab and not to face any kind of inconvenience. To find out more please check my next blog.

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