Is it safe to Travel Turkey

There are many rumors about if Turkey is enough safe to visit. Sometimes visitors can be concerned about the circumstances in Turkey. Yes, Turkey has border with Syria, and sometimes we hear lots of things about war in Syria.

The fact that; whatever going on is in Syrian borders. In the normal life of a Turk not much has changed since the war started. We still work, travel, enjoy our lives, only you can see harmless Syrian beggars on the street sometimes. Turkish government tried to help refugees, built some cities where they can dwell.

Also some of the immigrants found job and start a new life in Turkey.
While as a human beings we try to help the refugees, we also need support from visitors as Turkey has an economy also depends on tourism.
Luckily the visitors did not leave us alone with approximately 40 million tourists, Turkey became the 5th most visited country of the world in 2014..
Turkey is safer than many famous capital cities in the world!!
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