Istanbul; City of Love part I

When people talks about ‘the city of love’, the cities pop in mind would be Paris, Venice, Verona and maybe Rome. I guess we all heard about the city legends from Fitzgerald, Hemingway so on but today I have a new announcement to make. Even though city of Romeo and Juliet awaits for you in Italy, why don’t we bring a new perspective to this and get rid of the cliché?  Ladies and gentlemen, Istanbul is actually real city of love! How do I know? I have historical proof to my statement and great ideas for the couples to do in Istanbul. First of all I would like to talk about love stories that the city has witnessed throughout the centuries. We start with the love of Justinian and Theodora from Byzantine time… The love story between the daughter of bear dancer and an emperor! If you want to learn their story, wait for my next blog!

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