Meet Street Food when you travel Turkey

If you are one of a ‘traveler foodie’ like me, much probably you start to think what you’re going to have yummy at your next destination.

Turkish cuisine is quite rich with so many sophisticated dishes. In my previous blogs I talked about Ottoman kitchen, speciality of the Sultans and different recipes. Today I would like to talk about street food. If you go back to your country without trying these foods that means you haven’t tried Turkish food yet.

- Chicken Rice
This is one of the most popular street food in Istanbul with medium cooked rise (not as hard as risotto and not as soft as chinese rice) and pieces of boiled chicken. You can also try with hot pepper pickles and yogurt drink ‘Ayran’.
- Kokorec
Lamb or goat intestines wrapped seosoned offal. Doesn’t it sound good? Well it taste so good!
Good to try with yogurt drink ‘Ayran’ or Turkish beer ‘Efes’.
Boiled mussels stuffed with spicy rice, served with lemon. A good meze also with Turkish beer.
- Fish Sandwich
The fish sandwich is commonly eaten in Eminonu, next to Galata Bridge. The fish is generally mackerel, served in sandwich with onion and lettuce. The pickle juice is good to try with it.
 Sesame encrusted circular bread. Best with cheese and hot black tea.
- Kumpir
Baked potato mashed with butter and cheese, according to your request you can pick toppings from salad bar with lots of options as olives, mais, peas, sausage, pickles etc.
- Börek
Nicely baked pastry filled with potato or cheese or minced meat. Gotto be with hot black tea or Ayran.


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