Nargile, Hookah, Water pipe smoking habit in Turkey


If you start wandering around the narrow streets of Old city, Kabatas or Taksim, sometimes you can feel the smell of different type of smoke with the aroma of apple, pear, mint, strawberry or watermelon etc. Smoking water pipe is an old tradition starting from Ottoman times, as it is quite common a lot in Balkans, Middle East or Arabic countries. The water pipes (Nargile in Turkish) in Turkey are tall and narrow instruments, the smoke passes through the glass water basin at the bottom. Sometimes in the water basin they can also put milk, it is believed that when the smoke or vapor passes through water or milk, it helps it to be cleaned from toxics. There are many cafes with Nargile in Tophane area, as it is accepted like cigarette the smokers does that ritual outside or in the garden of these cafes.

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