Oh, Kebap! Special food for Istanbul and Turkey

Turkish cuisine has a wide variety of delicious dishes and one particular that has a world wide fame: Kebab! It’s a dish of plain or marinated meat either stewed or grilled with a rich variety in all around Turkey. I’ve tasted most of them and can certainly say they were all pleasant flavours. And maybe that’s why when I witness something pleasant, I repeat the famous saying; “Oh, kebap!” .

Kebab (“kebap” in Turkish) mostly refers to şiş (shish) kebab or döner kebab but there is a wide variety indeed. The word kabab is originally from Persian and means fried, not grilled meat. There are different stories about its history but they all agree at the same point as kebab culture dates back to ancient times

If you travel around Anatolia, you sure will discover more kinds of kebabs, cooked with different styles and ingredients. Thanks to its fame, you can easily find a kebab restaurant in all over the world and enjoy this delicious dish. As we, Turks say; “Afiyet olsun!” (Bon Appétit in Turkish

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