Nobel-Laureate Orhan Pamuk and Museum of Innocence

masumiyet müzesi

Orhan pamuk is a Nobel laureate, world famous Turkish novelist and well known as country’s best selling writer.

Besides his work as The White Castle, The Black Book, The New Life, Snow, My name is Red, he wrote a love story called as Museum of Innocence and he opened the museum in the old neighborhood of Beyoğlu, Istanbul in 2012.

In the book, the story is about a rich business man Kemal and his desperately love for poorer distant relative to Füsun. By the time, his love turns into obsession and he starts to collect innocent reminders of Füsun like her cigarette butts, hair clips, a pen she used for writing etc. Orhan Pamuk created Kemal’s collection in the museum; visitors may see the items with the explanation of each of them and try to understand the love of compulsive collector Kemal.

Also the ones who bring the copy of the book can enter museum for free by letting usher to stamp the ticket placed in chapter 83.

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