Protection Against Evil Eye

If you have a change to visit Turkey you would see thousands of cute little blue eye beads looking at you. You can see them at the entrance of the doorways, on walls, on little babies as pin, ladies wearing necklace or bracelets of them. These little eyes are put for protection against evil eye. It is believed that people in envy can transfer you negative energy by their look, so they can actually hurt you. To prevent this, it is put an eye against evil eye.

It is also said that the tradition comes from old shamanistic Turkish habits, that they believed the sky as good and wanted to have all the colors of sky on a little eye as dark blue, light blue and white. As we also know it is not specific to Turkey, it can be seen in other Mediterranean cultures and countries.

If you like to have insurance, now you know cheapest way to have it; give a try to small pin of evil eye…

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