Pumpkin desert, Eggplant jam

kabak tatlısı

patlıcan receli

There is a modern joke going around these days; Turkish men neglect a lot their women, otherwise why would someone make desert out of pumpkin and jam out of eggplant?I know they can sound a bit weird but believe me both worth to try. Pumpkin desert (kabak tatlısı read as kah-bahk’ taht’-luh-suh) is simple to prepare, delicious and a healthier threat for the ones who have a sweet tooth. Peeled pumpkin goes into sugared water and boiled with a little bit lemon juice until the knife easily sticks in. After it is cooked, it is served with grinded walnuts or hazelnuts. For eggplant jam, the eggplants finely peeled, rested in salt water and squeezed then they are boiled in sugared water with cloves.

 I don’t want to turn this blog into a culinary corner, but the food is very important part of Turkish life and all the meals are big and important for us. Also I would like to remind gentlemen, if your wife starts to cook these recipes maybe just like Turkish man you should be thinking if you are neglecting her. A sign of a health relationship; no pumpkin desert no eggplant jam cooked at home. Come and try them in Turkey!


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