Rüstempaşa (Rustempasha) Mosque in Istanbul


In Eminonu neighborhood (just in Old city coast) there is a tiny mosque standing with its single minaret, hardly seen just in between, shadowed by the glory of New Mosque and Sultan Suleyman’s mosques. The mosque of Rustempasa is not very well known, but it has gorgeous examples of hand-shaped and hand-painted Turkish Iznik tiles.  Since it was not a Sultan mosque, that is why it is not very big or glorious from outside, has only single minaret, however the inside is very nicely decorated also built by famous architect Sinan. Rustempasa was grand vizier and son in law of Sultan Suleiman. During the Ottoman times, only Sultans and Sultan family member could build mosques with more than single minaret. While for Rustempasa it is built very humble from outside, they gave big importance to interior design. If you have enough time in the city, right after visiting Spice Market, you can take a look in this beauty which is at walking distance from there.

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