Ski Centers in Turkey


If you are planing to travel to Turkey in winter time, you have a lot of skiing options in different regions of the country.

The most famous ski center is Uludag in Bursa city which offers a lot of accommodation chocies and cable car facilities. From december up to aptil you can enjoy skiing in this center situated just close to Yalova Thermals.

It is hard to imagine that Turkey has also a skiing center on Mediterranian coast! Here you have Kartalkaya ski center on Tourus mountains varies from 800m to 2000m. After your experience in this center enjoy lovely spring time on the beach.

Eryices ski center is just close to beautiful Cappadocia region, what about experiencing ski adventure on this volcanic mountain after your exiting Balloon Ride in fairyland of Cappadocia?

Another center is Palandoken in Erzurum helding winter Olympic Games with a awarage height of 2200m and top 3176m has a long ski season starts in October until May. As it is -40C degrees and has a dry climate snow keeps its quality standarts.


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