Soup of the day, King of Turkish soups; Lentil soup

I would never think of having pasta as first dish of the meal until I traveled to Italy. In Turkish meals, always pasta and rice are left as the last dish. Maybe we just want to make sure that you make yourself full by leaving them at the end. Or as we all say it is always a good start with hot soup when you have empty stomach.

Soup is very important part of the Turkish meals, if you go to a restaurant they may ask you which soup you want as a starter. When I travelled around the world I was quite surprised to see some soups more like ‘paste’s and some of them were so watery I could hardly find something in my bowl. I can say Turkish soups are something in between and the king of the soups would be red lentil.

Before they prepare all the other food in the restaurants, they prepare lentil soup so people may also have it for breakfast. It can be dressed nicely with dried mint or red pepper according to your taste. The other common soups are chicken, ezogelin vermicelli soup, tarhana, tomato but they cannot beat the popularity of red lentil.


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