Suleymaniye Mosque and the Legend of its Crooked Minaret


Suleymaniye mosque is one of the most important historical sights in Istanbul as being built by famous architect Mimar Sinan in 1558. It is the biggest mosque of the city, has 4 minarets 76 meters tall and a huge dome of 27,5 meters large.

While it was being built by Mimar Sinan, there are rumors that Sultan Suleyman got a bit upset because it took a bit more time than it was supposed to take. Architect Sinan built this mosque in 8 years, when it was finished for sure Sinan wanted it to be perfect.

There is a legend; during the construction a kid arrives and tells to foremen that the minarets are crooked. The foremen try to explain to the kid, by all the calculations there is no way that the minarets could be crooked. The kid doesn’t accept this and starts to wander and cry around the mosque. Architect Sinan sees the kid and asks why he is crying. When he tells the reason, Sinan agrees him and shouts at foremen to fix the minaret. Even though foremen gets shocked, they cannot refuse Sinan’s order, by throwing a loop around the minarets foremen start to pull the rope and asks to kid until he says it is fixed. After pretending of ‘pulling’ minarets, finally kid gets convinced and says ‘yes, now it is fixed!’ Sinan thanks to kid and kissed him goodbye, while foremen questioning this behavior of him. He explains, if we didn’t pretend to fix the minaret, he would go and tell everybody that this mosque has a crooked minaret. Instead of Mosque of Suleymaniye everybody would know my mosque as crooked minaret mosque. Now he is sure the minaret is straight, so we can go back to work without the risk of this rumor…

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