Travel To Gallipoli From Istanbul
Travel to Gallipoli

The places where the First World War Çanakkale Naval and Land Battles were held are in the Gallipoli Peninsula. Also here are the war tombs and monuments of over 60,000 Turkish martyrs and over 250,000 Australian, New Zealand, British and French soldiers, as well as a wide range of sunken ships, cannons, trenches, castles and horoscopes, and hundreds of other remains related to war.

Battlefields, war graves, monuments and war-related remains have been registered as “historical sites” and “cultural assets”.
Your tour guide will pick you up from your istanbul hotel between 06:30 and 07:00 am and take you to the island of gallipoli. (It takes around 5 hours). If you want to witness history on the Çanakkale peninsula, we would be happy to join us.

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Daily Gallipoli tour from Istanbul
Daily Gallipoli Tour – Gallipoli is a peninsula situated by Dardanelles strait which host many ANZAC soldiers who fought with Turkish forces friendly during First World War. After this battle Ataturk would like them to sleep in peace in our country by reserving memorials on their honor.

Your guide picks you up from your hotel in Istanbul around 06:30-07:00am and on our way to Gallipoli , we stop by to have a breakfast, after driving 5 hours you will arrive to Gallipoli. Then you will start your visit different memorials of Dardanelles,Brighton BeachBeach Cemetery, ANZAC CoveAriburnu CemeteryANZAC Commemorative SiteRespect to Mehmetcik StatueLone Pine Australian MemorialJohnstons Jolly (Turkish and Allied trenches and tunnels), Turkish 57. Infantry Regiment CemeteryThe Nek, Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial.
You will have your lunch in a local restaurant.
End of the day drive back to Istanbul and on arrival before midnight you will be transferred back to your hotel.
End of our service.