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Troy is one of the most famous archaeological cities in the world.The ancient city, where the War of Troy, which he described in the famous Iliad epic of Homer, has been digging at intervals since 1870. Since it is a city that has been demolished many times and rebuilt in the same place, it allows 5000 years of adventure in the history of humanity to be watched. Troy Since 1998, the World Heritage List in almaktadır.türkiye the most visited places of the ancient city of Troy is especially çekilentruv film from Warner Bros. (2004), then a large number of visitors artışyaşan. The giant wooden horse used in the movie can be seen in the Çanakkale cordon.

Private Troy Tour – Pick you up from your hotel in Istanbul around 06:00-07:00 am, after driving 5 hours you will arrive to Troy Ancient City. You will be surprised with genially made Trojan Horse where you will discover over 10 ancient cities built one on another, dating back to 3500 BC, passing through Apollo Temple, fortified city walls, battle field where Hector and Achilles fought for power, Roman TheaterGreco-Roman Senate building roundly shaped that hosted deputies of democracy.
You will have your lunch in a local Turkish restaurant.

End of the day drive back to Istanbul and on arrival before midnight you will be transferred back to your hotel.
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