The city of universities; Istanbul

istanbul üniversitesi restorasyon

Guess how many universities are there in Istanbul?

Okay I give a hint; only 8 of them are public. How many left? Hummm well, including the public and private ones, as a shocking fact there are 39 different universities in Istanbul.

Istanbul is the largest and most populated city of Turkey (almost 15 million); moreover the 45% of Turkish population are under 30 years old. As a very young country, we needed that many schools to educate our kids.

Every year after admission exam, thousands of students come from country side and other cities of Turkey to Istanbul to have a university education.

Particularly the public universities are accepted as better ones. After graduation most of them keeps staying to be able to work and find a better paid job. This is one of the reason why city gets more and more crowded every year.

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