The Sultan clothes, Kaftans


When you visit the Sultan’s clothes section of Topkapı palace you may see shocking sizes of Kaftans and other dresses of Sultans. You can start thinking how big they were.

Like it is said in the song; ‘Yeah it’s pretty clear, they ain’t no size two!’ I don’t know if they could shake it shake it like they supposed to do; but from the Ottoman historians we know they also tried to look big to seem more charismatic.

Of course there is a big difference with the beauty standards of today and back then, chubbier is better and more beautiful even there is a legend which says the women without double chin were not accepted in Harem.

Also we know that trousers were not very traditional to wear, in this case they use to dress up with these long Kaftans. Sultan’s clothing used to be layers on layers as well; most of the Kaftans have inner and outer parts with either matching or same fabrics.

I am one of the skinny ladies that Megan Trainor wants to tell something, however I feel very lucky not to be born at Ottoman times. Probably I would not be accepted to Harem, instead I would be brushing marble floor all day.

All about that bass, ‘bout that bass..

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