Republic of Turkey

turkey republic day

Today Turks are celebrating the 92nd anniversary of their democratic republic. On 29 October 1923 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk declared Turkey as democratic republic after 3 years of de facto parliament’s establishment and he was elected as the first president. The declaration of republic became the start of drastic changes in Turkey in the political, economic […]

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How to dress while you traveling Turkey? 

turk kadını

Turkey is a modern country without any restrictions about clothing for men and women. Sometimes people are concerned if they should obey some rules because of its muslim population. However country is secular, provides freedom of clothes to citizens as well as visitors. When you are going to travel around Turkey, maybe if you follow […]

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Turkey Travel destination – Pamukkale


Walking on the harden travertines of calcium carbonate with thermal springs… Pamukkale is a natural beauty waiting you to discover it. Here is some information; Pamukkale, meaning Cotton Castle in Turkish, is a natural site located in the country’s inner Aegean region in the borders of Denizli Province. It has created an unreal landscape with […]

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Free things to do in Istanbul II


After you finish the free things around Old City center on my previous blog, these are other sights to see as a bit further than the first 5. Let’s go!   6)      Galata Brigde: In Istanbul there are few bridges that you can walk on and has a nice atmosphere like here. The Golden Horn […]

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Free things to do in Istanbul I

Blue Mosque

If you are in the city with a small budget as back packer, student or at the final destination before home, I would like to give you some tips to visit the free sights of the city. These places are historical but they don’t have entrance fees like museums. Visiting by these sights in one […]

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Meet Street Food when you travel Turkey


If you are one of a ‘traveler foodie’ like me, much probably you start to think what you’re going to have yummy at your next destination. Turkish cuisine is quite rich with so many sophisticated dishes. In my previous blogs I talked about Ottoman kitchen, speciality of the Sultans and different recipes. Today I would like […]

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Where to take best photos of Istanbul?


Istanbul is the fifth biggest city of the world. It is modern as well as historical, at a critical point where Asia and Europe meets. While touring around the city is quite complicated with this gigantic size, here I am going to give tips to see the city from distance and to take best shots. […]

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Is it safe to Travel Turkey


There are many rumors about if Turkey is enough safe to visit. Sometimes visitors can be concerned about the circumstances in Turkey. Yes, Turkey has border with Syria, and sometimes we hear lots of things about war in Syria. The fact that; whatever going on is in Syrian borders. In the normal life of a […]

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Why women pray at the back of the mosque?


When you visit a mosque you can see there are two different sections for women and men. Generally men pray in the front lines while women prayers are at the back or on the balcony. It may look like gender discrimination but the reason is more functional. First of all going to the mosque to […]

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10 Ways to deal with Istanbul cab-taxi drivers


1) If you are taking cab from your hotel, you can ask your receptionist to call one for you instead of taking one from the street. There are cab firms in every neighborhood, they might be 3-4 Usd more pricey to use (because they start their taximeter right after they leave the firm and coming […]

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How to get a cab in Istanbul?


If you are going to visit a big city like Istanbul you may have difficulties to find taxis/cabs or have a good communication. Most of the cab drives in the city do not speak any foreign language, here either you can use body language or you can ask someone to help you out to get […]

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Why Crescent is Symbol of Islam?

crescent in islam

  Most of you have already noticed that Turkish flag and Ottoman flags have a crescent. Because both in Turkish Republic and Ottoman Empire the dominant religion is Islam. First of all crescent is not a symbol of Islam but associated with this religion. This symbol was even used by ancient civilations dating back to […]

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Why Mosques have Minarets?

Blue Mosque Minaret, Istanbul, turkey

You are all fascinated by mosques in Turkey especialy with the ones builts in Istanbul dedicated to sultans with a lot of minarets. When long minarets became an element of the mosques? In early islamic time you can see small minarets and flat roof but with the convertion of Turkish tribes into islam and arrival […]

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Istanbul Parks

emirgan park, ısatnabul, turkey

Living in one of the biggest metropolitan of the world, Istanbouliots try to find a green area to relax at weekends. Emirgan Park situated in sarıyer waits for you to enjoy Bosphorus views with its old villas reserved to aristocracies in older time. Yıldız Park is another option to enjoy the green land in Besiktas […]

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The Oldest Temple in the World- Gobeklitepe

Gobeklitepe temple in turkey

  Recently excavated this religious center dates back to 11.000 years formed as circle of 15 obeliscs on T form decorated with animal and human figures such as: human faces, arms and hands; wild boars, foxes, wilds ducks and eagles, etc. beside abstracts motifs. It is estimated to be built when human beings started to […]

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Precious Stones in Turkey

precious stones of turkey

  On your vacations in Turkey you will see many jewellery shops with shining nice jewels but which of this beautiful stones belongs to Turkey? In Anatolia gemstones have been known and used in various forms of jewellery for the past 5000 years. Significant stones produced in Turkey are diaspore, agate, blue chalcedony, obsidien, onyx, […]

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Fauna of Turkey

fauna of turkey

  Anatolia is rich in fauna with over a 80.000 species. Turkey is a original homeland of deer, domestic sheep, lions, tigers and leopard. The national parks are still abundant of brown bear, wild bear, wild boar, lynx, wolf, water buffalo and over 400 species of birds. Mediterranian and Aegean costs provide refuge for endangered […]

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Turkish Flora

turkish flora and nature

  Turkey has millons of kind of endemic plants which are used on medicine industry. This biodiversity was augmented on Ice Age when nothern animals were seeking warmer climates. Turkey is also on the main migratory routes of birds coming from Asia, Africa going to Europe which increase the number of species. Turkey is regarded […]

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Turkish Mythology

turkish mythology

Turkish are believed to be save by a wolf called Asena. According to the myth of creation a turkish tribe living in Central Asia was defeated by enemies and only left a boy of 10 years old. They did not killed him but threw into the marshall. All of a sudden there occured a female […]

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Ski Centers in Turkey

ski centers in Turkey

  If you are planing to travel to Turkey in winter time, you have a lot of skiing options in different regions of the country. The most famous ski center is Uludag in Bursa city which offers a lot of accommodation chocies and cable car facilities. From december up to aptil you can enjoy skiing […]

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Climate of Turkey

climate of turkey

What you should bring with as clothes while you prepare up for your holiday to Turkey? Although every region can be hot during summer time, innerland, north and east part of the counrty can be very cold during winter and nights in summers. Turkey has 7 geographical regions: Black Sea Region on the north has […]

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When Visit Mosques in Turkey?

mosques visiting time in Turkey

  You will be impressed by beautiful mosques wherever visit in Turkey with ther long minarets and richly ornated small balkonies on which were serving the muezzin (person who sing the call for prayer) heard by whole village in older times. You can visit the mosques out of praying times covering the hair, shoulders and […]

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Protection Against Evil Eye


If you have a change to visit Turkey you would see thousands of cute little blue eye beads looking at you. You can see them at the entrance of the doorways, on walls, on little babies as pin, ladies wearing necklace or bracelets of them. These little eyes are put for protection against evil eye. […]

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Where Lovers Meet in Istanbul? 4) Çamlıca Hill, Ottoman Coffee House


Camlica Hill (also called as Big Camlıca Hill) is situated at the Asian Side of the city, at 268 m height which gives good opportunity to see panoramic view of Istanbul with Bosphorus and two continents connecting bridges. During the Ottoman time, people used to come here in hot summer days to profit from the […]

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When is the best time to travel Turkey?

Turkey is one of the lucky countries of Northern Hemisphere in the world by having four seasons together. We don’t have too cold, too hot or super rainy periods throughout the year. However, of course there are best times to visit this beautiful country. In April for the visitors who want to see Istanbul, there […]

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Turkish Bread, Pide

turkish traditional bread

  Pide is made of the same dough of bread but in a fine shape cooked in special wooden ovens most of the time you will see on your table like a hot balloon waiting to be eaten with butters melts immediately on. Of course accompagned with cheese and aperetifs called ”Meze” in turkish. While […]

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Turkish Food on your trip to Turkey

turkish traditional meals

First arrival to Turkey you may think that it is a world of Kebab but apart from this traditional meal, you should taste ”Yaprak Sarma” made of wine leaves stuffed with rice cooked in virgin olive oil comes from wild Aegean coasts olives. ”Karnıyarık” is a very delicous dish that turkish restaurants will offer with […]

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Frescoes in Cappadocian Churches

Early christian churches in Cappadocia, Turkey

Never exclude Cappadocia region during your travel in Turkey where you can visit early christian churches which were richly decorated dating back to 6th to 12th centuries. Where you can find the most well preserved wall paintings? In ”Goreme Open Air Museum” situated 1 km away from Goreme town, protected by UNESCO apart from 1989. […]

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Hiking in Cappadocia

hiking in Cappadocia, Turkey

A unique natural phenomenon Cappadocia region offers various trekking and hiking options in pigeon valleys shaped by volcanic erosion. One of the hiking path that you should not miss on your holiday in Turkey, is Pigeon valley: starting from Uchisar castle coming down to splendid Goreme town, aprox. 2 hours. Love valley is impessive as […]

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