Turkish Mythology

Turkish are believed to be save by a wolf called Asena.

According to the myth of creation a turkish tribe living in Central Asia was defeated by enemies and only left a boy of 10 years old. They did not killed him but threw into the marshall. All of a sudden there occured a female wolf who fed the boy with meat and raised him up. Later on the wolf was pregnant of the young boy. When the king of the enemies heard about this, sent this soldiers to kill the boy meanwhile the wolf was ran into a cave on a top of a mountain and gave birth to 10 boys who were taken care by local ladies. Therse ladies after on got pregnant of these boys and their children had different name of a tribe, one dinasty is called ”Asena”.

A lot of version of this myth is told also in Ergenekon Myth, Creation Mtyh, etc

Today you may hear this name while you visit Turkey -Asena- given to ladies.



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