Turkish Wines, winemaking in Turkey

In Turkey wine has been produced for thousands of years. The word in Western languages as ‘wine’, ‘vin’, ‘vino’ is deriving from an Anatolian civilization language; language of Hittites. They were the first people who created terraces of vineyards back then, also carved underground storages, shaped the clay of the red river into beautiful vine vessels and carafes. Also today, country’s one of the most important wine productions keeps on in Cappadocia region where Hittites used to dwell.  It is a tradition to stop by in a winery to taste special wines of the area once you travel to Cappadocia. We can say it is a great place for oenophiles. If you are more into fruit wine, in this case a small village on the Aegean cost awaits for you; Sirince. That nestled village on the hills of Central Aegean region has many wineries let you taste special fruit wines as peach wine, blackberry, cherry, strawberry, melon and kiwi etc. The deep and old culture of vinification still survives in Turkey with 40 different brands and 100 of types.

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