What’s the weather like in Turkey?

What is the weather like in Turkey?

Turkey has temperate climate of Northern Hemisphere and one of the luckiest counties in the world by having four seasons together. Of course, the climate changes depending on the effect of sea, height and mountain on different parts of the country. While south part right next to the Black sea is well-known with heavy rains, Aegean coast is famous with its mild breeze all year round. The warmest region during the year is Mediterranean coast and the coldest would be Eastern parts of the country bordering Armenia. When is the best time to travel? This is a question we should firstly consider what your travel plans in Turkey. If you are coming for cultural- historical sightseeing, the best time starts right after month of March and continues until at the end of November. If you are planning to ski or visit thermal hot springs, then from January till the end of March would be good season. Also we should not forget to mention particularly month of April in Istanbul; when all the tulips bloom and traditional Tulip festival starts with cultural events around Old City. When the gardens of palaces were full of tulips, they used to be called ‘garden of paradise’. It is a visual feast not to be missed.


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