Where Lovers Meet in Istanbul? 2)Leanders Tower, the Maiden’s Tower

Leanders Tower or in other words Maiden’s Tower is another famous spot for lovers to meet if they like to get a cup of coffee or have a romantic dinner. About the history and love story of Hero and Leander I wrote at my previous blogs. You can check from this link; https://www.choratravel.com/famous-love-stories-of-istanbul-hero-and-leander-city-of-love-part-iv

The tower is a museum since it has deep historical value from Byzantine time also has a café and a restaurant in it.

If you like to go there, it is necessary to pass to Asian side of the city. From Eminonu there are ferries for Uskudar or you can use subway called Marmaray from Sirkeci Station and pass under the Bosphorus. When you get off from subway or ferry, it is walking distance from there. You just need to keep the sea at your right side and walk a long the coast, you will see it standing with all the glory on a small islet after 10-15 minutes. You can try to get a cab but because it is too short distance, taxi drivers are not very willing to take clients there. When you get there, just across the tower there is a mini kiosk where they sell entrance tickets and tell you when the boat will depart. Generally after 10-20 minutes of waiting they start and cross to this beautiful islet. Same again for returning to the coast.

Inside the tower you can see decorations and explanations about the tower legends which are really nice. Also a selfie with your lover at the balcony would not harm if you can climb up.

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