Where Lovers Meet in Istanbul? 3)Ortaköy, Under the Bosphorus Bridge


Ortaköy (means middle village in Turkish) have been a cosmopolitan quarter of Istanbul since Ottoman time with inhabitants of Muslims, Jewish, Orthodox and Christians. Here you can see Synagogues, Churches and Mosques together. It is on the coast of the Besiktas region, just under the Bosphorus Bridge where Asia and Europe kiss.
This place is also in the list of Istanbul lovers to wander and eat baked potato Kumpir. The area is full of art galleries, cafés, night clubs and bars as well as hand-made bijoux sellers.
The small streets with rough cobblestone pavement, cats strolling around with a great sense of serenity… The best things to do in Ortakoy are having baked Potato Kumpir, getting the protection for evil eye beads for your lover and taking a look at the Asian side of the city under the Bosphorus Bridge. If you like there is also Neo-Baroque style 19th century Mecidiye Mosque which has recently restored and waiting for visitors.

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