Where Lovers Meet in Istanbul? 4) Çamlıca Hill, Ottoman Coffee House

Camlica Hill (also called as Big Camlıca Hill) is situated at the Asian Side of the city, at 268 m height which gives good opportunity to see panoramic view of Istanbul with Bosphorus and two continents connecting bridges. During the Ottoman time, people used to come here in hot summer days to profit from the nice breeze, these joy rides became more popular starting from 17th century. Furthermore there are many poems, songs talking about Camlıca hill.

Lately it became on the list of things to do in Istanbul by foreign visitors, but since when I was at the high school this place is well known for lovers’ meeting point. There is a restaurant and an Ottoman Coffee run by the Istanbul Municipality so prices are more reasonable compared to private cafés and restaurants. After wandering around the gardens of Camlıca, you can have a rest in the Ottoman Coffee. In summer time they also have tables outside. If you come at the beginning of spring, you may witness the beauties of the tulips. How to get there; from Eminonu you can take the ferries to Uskudar. Then you can take 11A, 11 D, 11 E, 11 F, 11 G, 11 K, 11 L, 11 P, 11 ST, 11 V, 11 Y, 11 ÜS, 320, 9 A, 9 Ç, 9 ÜD ve 9 Ş buses which pass close to the Camlica Hill. Then you walk up to the café. Or if you don’t feel like climbing, you can take a cab from Üsküdar right in front of the ferry pier where the taxis are waiting.

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