Where Lovers Meet in Istanbul? City of Love part VI

There are some certain places in Istanbul where the lovers always meet. So if you are planning to spend your time with your lover in Istanbul here is some tips for you to live this tradition like a local. These places are humble cafes, restaurants or meeting points so it is good not to have great expectations. It is not going to be classy or chic, but it will be nostalgic and totally worth it. So when Turks are in love, here is the list of places that they used to visit quite a lot. On my next blog, I will give details about them and explain how to get there.


1)  Pier Loti Café:

2)  Leander’s Tower

3)  Ortaköy, Under the Bosphorus Bridge,

4) Çamlıca Hill, Ottoman Coffee House (Asian side of the city)

5) Çengelköy, Çınaraltı Tea House (Asian side of the city)

6)  Emirgan, Emirgan Woods and Sütiş

7)  Old City, Gülhane Park

8)  Galata Tower and the Tea House

9)  Istiklal Street, Ara Cafe

10) Taksim, Gezi Park

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