Where Lovers Meet in Istanbul? 1)Pier Loti Hill -Café- Tea House

Pier Loti is a French novelist and naval officer lived in Istanbul in 1879. He used to sit in this café and watch the Golden Horn while enjoying his coffee or tea.

Nope, not like Guy de Maupassant and Eiffel Tower story, he adored this place. (You know there is a legend about Guy de Maupassant hating Eiffel Tower and having every lunch at there. Then one day they asked if he hated that much the tower, why he kept coming there to have his lunch. He answered inside the restaurant was one of the few places where he could sit and not actually see the Tower!)

Pier Loti wrote his masterpiece Aziyade and much probably he got inspirations while sitting here and gazing meandering Golden Horn. Aziyade is an illicit story of love affairs Pier Loti with Harem girl named Aziyade. He wore a ring holding her name for rest of his life as a proof to this love story. So the hill and café are dedicated and named after him. Therefore this spot became one of the most popular places for lovers to meet.

If you like to get there you can get a cab from Eminönü (Just across the Spice Market) to Pier Loti cable car, then get a token and climb up to hill with cable car ride. If you like to go there by bus, you can take 39, 55T, 99A and get off close to Eyüp Mosque, then follow the signs for cable car. Enjoy your tea as warm as your lover’s heart!

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