Why Mosques have Minarets?

You are all fascinated by mosques in Turkey especialy with the ones builts in Istanbul dedicated to sultans with a lot of minarets.

When long minarets became an element of the mosques? In early islamic time you can see small minarets and flat roof but with the convertion of Turkish tribes into islam and arrival to Anatolia, after founding Ottoman Empire, minarets started to have higher size.

As because Turkey is on the way of famous commercial roads such as Silk Road and King Road, long minartes were easily noticed by commercants and fonctioned as a navigator to find their right direction while travelling with caravans, knowing around there was a city to have food supplies for the animals and a local market to sell their goods.

Next time when you are travelling in Turkey, look at carefully these minarets kissing the blue sky and imagine how many marchant histories they witnessed!



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