Why there are so many cats in Istanbul? The stray cats of Istanbul

Once you start to walk around the city center, you will be surprised to see how many stray cats hanging out in Istanbul. I say ‘hang out’ because that is what they are really doing. Most of them are very comfortable lying on the streets enjoying sun and watching people. Like Eckhart Tolle said they are real Zen masters. All of them vaccinated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that’s why you don’t need to worry about if you or your kids want to pat them. But still I would recommend you to find a friendly one.

d another question; who feed them? Istanbulites do. The cat lovers of Istanbul are used to carry a small bag of cat food and treats; whenever they see these little furry friends ‘taaaataaa!’ the food comes out. During the winter time there were several campaigns going on to build cat houses out of boxes and unused clothes. It went pretty well, so many cats owned houses without the burden of mortgage.  (Okay! Bad joke alert)

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