World’s biggest tea drinkers; Turks..

Where the world’s biggest tea drinkers are? In Turkey!

Most of the people get surprised to hear that fact. And the next question would be ‘Isn’t it Great Britain?’ Well, noouu. (With British accent please!) Drinking tea for breakfast for English people is a longstanding custom. But the difference between Turks and English is that; we drink tea all the time, all day long. We drink tea at breakfast, after breakfast, until lunch time maybe 1 more glass, after lunch to help digestion, until dinner and after dinner all together with our family. Now you know why Turks invented double tea pot. Imagine, what would you do to keep your tea warm and fresh tasting all the time? If you put tea pot directly to fire to keep it warm, it is going to get bitter very easily. So the solution is to put another tea pot below with only boiling water. In this way it is going to keep your tea warm and fresh and you will have a chance to adjust how strong want your tea to be. We generally put tea 1/3 of the glass from top tea pot and the rest is boiling water from below. For the tough guys it might be half and half. Maybe full glass for your mother in law. You may ask what is this ‘mother in law joke’ around the country; I am going to explain it on my next blogs. Till that time, try to be nice to her.

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